• Aromas del Perú

  • A company recognized national industry liquid and powder flavors, essences, emulsions, formulated and certified dyes, proteins, food additives, sweeteners blends, industrial inputs and fragrances for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, perfumery, among others.

    A company that has been able to establish over time a marked leadership, not only for the quality of its products, continuous improvement in its processes, but also for their expert technical advice service to its customers and the development of innovative products according to the specific needs of its customers. We realize your projects impossible.

    Tradition and Innovation...

    Aromas del Peru knows what the palate of its people and the world... Wants and looks!

    It has among its brands FOODARON identifying flavors, dyes and food ingredients Formulated and FOODPROT identifying their protein products.

    Brands that have the smell of success, thanks to the policy of constant research and development of the company, along with the highest quality standards.



Aromas del Perú - Aromas del Perú