• History

  • In November 1987 Aromas del Perú was founded with the sole purpose of providing the Peruvian market a different option in the line of flavors essences and marketing of ingredients for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and others.

    With the passage of time the company has grown rapidly through the years, which today has positioned in the domestic and international market successfully, we have a portfolio of top-tier customers are domestic industries and oriented transnational manufacturing dairy, bakery, confectionery, and non-carbonated soft drinks, instant drinks, social programs, pharmaceuticals, and many others.

    Aromas del Perú is a dream business with a real future and promising

    Today we have a greater value to our products, which has helped to diversify and innovate new production lines, such as signature scents that allow us to meet the needs of each client, for this we have modern laboratories and sophisticated equipment, backed by top professionals that makes companies continue to rely on us despite the years.

    Our immediate goals are to continue to maintain a consistent quality of all our products, which go hand in hand with quality standards and allowed to continue to meet our customers every day.

Aromas del Perú - History