• Innovation and development

  • Innovation and Development

  • Our team is at the forefront in developing new products and in constant search of inspiration and challenges to remain leaders in our industry. We believe that a good idea to have that special taste and aroma as you want and we have. He has extensive experience and advanced training in product development as liquid and powder flavors, emulsions, Ingredients, Fragrances, mixtures of dyes, among others, are those with their art and creativity aromatic molecules combine for a flavor profile suitable to application.

  • In our Research and Development Laboratories let the imagination flow to create a wide range of flavors for the various food lines. Our flavorists make precise combinations of each aromatic component, obtaining exclusive and original formulations according to the requirements of each of our clients.

  • Our Aromateca is implemented with endless natural aromatics, nature identical and artificial art, which allows us to develop a myriad of flavors and fragrances present in mother nature.

  • Our laboratory testing applications allows processing of finished products such as soft drinks, nectars, panettone, soda, jelly, candy, jams and other food line, using the flavors and adequate inputs.

  • In our Quality Control Labs thoroughly evaluates every one of the raw materials used in production and for marketing, maintaining high standards of international quality. We provide certification of finished products that go to our customers, making meticulous checks to all the parameters of the different process lines. We Enable Health, Health Authorization and Certification HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) for all our product lines, among the most important.

Aromas del Perú - Innovation and development